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Let's Compare:

Dave Rodda, President Regal Poker TablesHi...I'm Dave: First, I must thank you for taking the time to visit our online gallery of Regal Custom Poker Tables, which....for many good reasons....we think are the finest custom poker tables in the world! The reason for this page is simply to give you the information to support our claim and thus allow you to draw your own conclusion. I will assume that, you are a serious poker player looking to make a substantial investment in a special custom poker table....and, you have found that there are indeed more than a few other notable poker table builders on the internet who also claim to offer "the finest". From our viewpoint, a comparison of our tables to any other is quite simple, well beyond the fact that our Regal tables are arguably the most beautiful poker tables in the world....not just my personal opinion. Our claims go much deeper than beauty.

We Have Custom Poker Tables Located Worldwide!


Fluted Base The Shape and Size ....Why do Most "CUSTOM" Table builders offer only one or two shapes of tables, and a very limited size range also. If they are truly building you a custom table then you should be able to order it to your exact shape and size to fit your room and Decor. While we offer you suggested sizes on our order page, you are welcome to call and order your exact custom size or shape. What, you want a 70", 13 sided table? We would be happy to build your custom 13 sided table.

"See Your Custom Table tools" ....Others offer these simple animated displays of your custom Table that shows you your "CUSTOM" table as you pick from their limited choices, We could never get a program to show all the choices you have with a Regal Custom Table. The program would take hours to load in the first place, and we would probably lose your attention by the time you have scrolled through the 10,000 cloth color choices alone that we offer. It's pretty easy to show you your custom table if it is one of two tables they offer. Is this really a custom table builder or a company assembling pre-made parts into your table and calling it custom?



Fluted Base The Foundation....Here is the typical pedestal base found on many other poker tables on the market. We also offer pedestal bases as one of our options to all of our Regal clients simply because some people seem to prefer the look....and it is a great looking pedestal....just not as stable as our Regal cabinet and "billiard style" bases. The pedestal base is an excellent platform for any size poker table.







Now let's compare....Our unique cabinet base is found only on Regal Poker Tables.


Regal Cabinet 2This platform is the most solid poker table foundation on the market. Not just a pretty face, our elegant raised panel cabinet is also functional ...serving as a handy storage of poker chips and accessories. Just try putting a removable 500 chip tray in the pedestal base above!









Emperor Base As for our larger ten-position Texas Holdem tables, we have many different styles to select from. Our standard "billiard style"....and then our newest creation...."The Emperor", the absolute ultimate in beauty and rock solid stability. These twin cabinet platforms offer convenient storage space at both ends of your table. And....Each and every cabinet is completely crafted in our shop from the finest hardwood lumber!




Custom Billiard Base







Emperor Base Our Contemporary Stainless bases offer a modern look to your poker room. We handbuild these bases one at a time and scale them to your custom order. We can custom build a base to your design requests.






Stainless poker tables Bases


Now, let's compare the table top....This part is even easier to compare.

Chip Tray Design....Here at Regal we believe in giving you the customer the choice to store your chips however you wish. Whether you are a stacker or you prefer to have your chips stored neatly in chip trays. We offer three popular options for your chip boards.!

Lateral Chip Tray

Here is an example of Horizontal chip trays. These are cut along the Racetrack and allow you to store your chips across in front of you. This style of chip tray runs from Cup holder to cup holder.


Regal Chip TrayThis is our Milled Chip tray. Chips are aligned vertical to the player...allowing for stacking four colors in separate trays. They are oriented in a more natural position for accessing the poker chips. Note also, that there is plenty of space on each side of the milled trays for the "chip leaders" to arrange their "monster stacks".

We also offer Smooth Chip boards for stacking. These allow you to keep your chips stacked in front of you . This option is for the player who wants tall stacks and a place to rake their monster pots into.


Table Shape....Although we can build you a round (or oval) shaped poker table top, the fact is, an octagon is the perfect shape to accommodate eight adults seated around a table. Maybe it's a personal thing, but I just don't like a radius shape for my elbows. I much prefer the maximum lateral space of a straight surface.

Small Corner ViewUnique Beauty...Every Regal poker table is a fine piece of art...and...every fine piece of art must be suitably framed. Our application of unique decorative moldings around the playing area truly adds that special touch of classic beauty unmatched by any other poker table design in the world. This unique feature, above all, is our pure Regal mark of distinction!

Custom FabricCustom Dyed Fabric Art...You will find several great examples of custom graphics on the fabric of many tables in our gallery. I'm very excited about our Expanded Graphics Department, whereby we can now install most major collegiate logo's on your custom fabric. Along with Just about any other design idea you can imagine. These images are Dyed into the cloth not printed on top of the material. The image does not effect the playability of the cloth one bit. With over 10,000 colors to choose from we can design a cloth that will compliment your table design.

Embroidery....The WSOP tried to use embroidered logos on their tournament tables in the 2005 WSOP. Within hours of the start of the first day the logos were falling apart and showing some very severe wear. The stitches were coming apart and they had to replace all logos during the tournament. They were left scrambling for replacement cloths to finish out the tournament. Embroidery is a very nice way to display your logo, just not in the middle of your table cloth. The colors of thread are very limited and it effects card movement on your table surface. Sometimes even launching cards off the table altogether.


Personalized Details....With us, it's all about creating a detailed work of art. Here are a few more examples of the features that set our Regal tables apart from the field.

Card suit symbols Mother of Pearl card suit Elegant custom feature that really does add a nice extra touch to your chip boards. The beauty of Mother of Pearl inlayed into your solid hardwood Chip boards adds style to your design..


More Monogramming Detail Another unique way we can personalize your table is shown in this example. The monogram is actually cut directly into the wood with a precision CNC and most any graphics can be applied with our CNC technology.



At this point, I will not go into the many other unique features of my Regal custom poker tables, such as, leather upholstery options, upholstery nail trim you the personal satisfaction that you really can design your own personal poker table with such unique features that truly does make it a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Sooooo...Let's "cut to the chase" and compare....Price!!!

You can choose to pay less for a fairly nice looking, albeit poorly designed 8-position table built by a "top poker table fabricator" can choose to own a much better designed, more beautiful, fully hand crafted, Regal custom poker table system!

MORE FOR LESS???!!! I assure you, this is one case where the difference in price Shows in the quality of the product. Come see why Regal Is becoming the number one name in Truly Custom Poker tables.

Now....having said all that....I'm ready to build your custom poker table! Please give me a call if you have any questions.

Dave Rodda
President, Regal Poker Tables



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Features Include:

  • Totally Customizable Tables
  • Unlimited Wood Types
  • Custom Stain Matching
  • Hundreds of Upholstery options
  • Unlimited sizes
  • many table accessories available
  • Outstanding Quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Service after the sale
"What Makes a Custom Table Custom?"

There are virtually thousands of companies claiming that they have the best Custom Poker Table on the Internet. Here at Regal Poker Tables we feel that they not only don't have the best, they actually don't even build a custom poker table in the first place. What makes a table custom? Is it being able to choose from their two shapes, round and oval? Is it choosing from their 5 colors they offer of felt? Is it being able to choose from their 6 stain colors all done on the same wood? Is it choosing from their two pedestal styles? Does having a small list of choices make a custom table CUSTOM? If you order a red Chevy car with gray interior have you ordered a custom car?

Now what if you could order the best of everything that you have ever wanted in a car? What if you could have your 65 Mustang combined with your 67 Camaro and have an engine under the hood like a Dodge Hemi? Now that would be a seriously custom car! Here at Regal Poker tables we make such a Custom Poker Table. Even though our order page has a few selections so you can get an idea of what you want from a table, These selections are never limited to just what you can choose on your personalized custom table package. We have never built the same table twice. Every table we ship to our customers have a look and feel that the customer has designed with our help and experience guiding the way. We don't have fancy names for the limited tables that we offer. Instead we offer unlimited design possibilities in your Custom Poker Table package. We offer any color felt. We can computer closely match any sample you send us with our custom dye process to make your poker felt fit in your decor. We can closely match any stain sample you send us for your project. We feel that we are a truly Custom Poker Table Company. We are eager to here your thought on the perfect custom table for your lifestyle.

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High End Poker Tables

"Quality, Top to Bottom"

In order to compare tables on the internet, You have to look much deeper than the top of the table. You can almost always tell the quality of the craftsman by the way his projects look from below the surface of the table. At Regal Poker Tables we use only the best possible materials to build your table. This starts with the bases all the way to the Dining toppers. If your table does not have adequate support from the base then your table will not feel stable to your guests. A poker table should not be so thin that it flexes on the ends which constantly topples even the shortest of short stacks. Our tables are built very robust. We don't believe in cutting corners to save a few bucks. Without a doubt the quality of the materials is only surpassed by the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into building each table one at a time.

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Dinning Topper Fits Beautifully

"Fit to Finish"

The complete package of your table should look like it belongs together. All our components are designed to compliment each other. With our Dining top installed on the table, your guest will not be able to tell that they are actually looking at a Poker Table. With this option you can place your poker table in your dining room to entertain the family and friends for dinner. Then you can remove the top to play poker with your friends after dinner. Our table are finished nicer on the bottom than some of our competition finish the top of their tables. We take pride in delivering a completely sealed table that will last for years even in the harshest of climates. This attention to detail is what separates us from our competition.

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