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The Grail Custom Poker Table
Milled Chip Trays
Custom Cloth
68 inch Formal Topper

"The Grail"

Poker Players have searched for Centuries to find the Ultimate in Poker Tables. The search has finally reached its pinnacle. "The Grail" Is the most playable and finest poker table on the market today. At 68" this Decagon custom poker table built with solid Walnut wood with a Natural Satin finish is not only practical, itís the undisputed best of the best. This piece of furniture art will look excellent in the most luxurious homes in the world. Ten player positions, each Position has the option of smooth chip boards with enough room for big stacks, or the milled chip trays shown in this example. The table is made from solid Walnut boards. Note the #8 Silver Molding. This table is covered with a Navy Custom Suited poker cloth. Complete with a custom Design Dyed into the cloth. The Solid Walnut cabinet base provides a very sturdy foundation as well. All this beauty is wrapped in a luxurious Renaissance Navy Authentic Leather Rail.



Table Price As Shown:

Chairs sold seperately.





Milled Solid Walnut Chip Boards.






Custom Dyed Gaming Cloth.







Walnut Formal Dining Top







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