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Webster's Custom Thunderbird's Poker Table

Formal Dining Topper

Thunderbird's Plane Numbers Inlaid

Thunderbird's Plane Numbers Inlaid

Webster's Custom Poker table


This is Webster's 96" x 44" Oval custom Thunderbirds poker table built with solid Maple wood with a Dark Mahogany Stained finish. Eight player positions. Each Position has Large Stainless cup holders installed in solid Maple Chip Boards Note the Inlays in the chip boards. This table is covered with a Black Colored Custom Thunderbirds poker cloth gaming suede. Complete with Formal Dining Topper.



Table Price As Shown:

Chairs sold seperately.





This shows the Custom Inlayed Thunderbirds Plane Numbers and Stars at each player Position.






Lower picture shows the Stretcher with the word "Thunderbirds" carved in a 3D V carving.







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